The Art of Observation

A few weeks ago I decided I was too exhausted towards the end of led primary to do anything but a half assed job, so I would stop at my last given pose (Baddha Konasana) and close it down. One day my teacher mentioned that if someone was not going to do a full led to please set up near the door and close at Navasana and no further. I had already figured out the near the door part, and for the last two times I have stopped and folded at Navasana. Today  before starting, special mention was made about staying within and not letting the mind or gaze wander, as there is noisy construction going on outside. She mentioned more than once, the collective intention of the group to keep your vision limited to your very immediate surroundings, and  it really worked wonders. The breath was definitely deeper and easier to listen to, creating a beautiful rythmic pace. It felt so great, that after closing I impulsively gestured if I could stay and watch until the end of everyone else’s practice. She gracefully nodded yes and I enjoyed watching and learning. Only after I left to get some coffee did I realize how clueless my request was! Can you imagine asking to stay and watch after the collective intention was to keep the gaze inwards???!!!!

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