Community Love

I f you check out my new header, it was done by a shalamate who is a talented web designer. The music I listen to as I drive up and down crazy route 7 every day is a collection of chants performed by  a musician who is another shalamate. You might remember  that the stylist who cut my waist long Portlandia bookstore owner hippie hair is also a shalamate. And the Massage Therapist who keeps my body from going on strike, practices and teaches at my shala as well. Oh,and yet still another shalamate is an Ayurvedic practitioner, who will change how you feel every morning after finally getting a full night’s sleep. I recommend that you benefit from the resources available to you from the lovely human beings that share your love for the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.


Web design:



Hair: email me because she works at an oh la la salon, and will work only with sweet laid back people on the side, after a full day of the crazy in her place of employment.

12 thoughts on “Community Love

  1. what a nice shala! my new one is so large that I despair of meeting anyone there. big city blues. you always tempt to chop my hair when I see how great yours looks…

  2. Wow…it does sound like an awesome shala community! How lucky you are to have all those wonderful people to help you on the path!

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