Infecting With Fear

The one thing that I know will keep a yoga practitioner from progressing and experiencing the benefits of yoga is fear. It is what keeps many people from learning how to swim. And being sidelined with a drippy cold that I refuse to infect my fellow Ashtangis with, I am reminded of how insidiously harmful a tartly tilted article can be. My mom now thinks that I am taunting paralysis, my former co workers are emailing me this article to warn me. And now people who previously knew shit about yoga, now consider themselves educated and capable of discussing the practice of yoga. Thanks dude. I have spent an inordinate amount of  time responding to family and acquaintances reassuring them that my practice is sound. I personally think that  this guy has alienated the only group of people who might be curious enough to buy his book. The people he scared the living daylights out of feel like they already read it and can probably write one now. Karma.

3 thoughts on “Infecting With Fear

      • At least your relatives and friends base their concerns on something they’ve read. My mom reads nothing, basing her concerns on her own impression of yoga (black and white photos she once saw long long time ago of Indian gurus who have practiced for their entire lives, demoing ultra advanced poses).

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