Ashtanga Epicenters

I understand that there is a Jois Center (or is it called Jois Yoga) in Encinitas and I believe in Isla Morada, Florida. I don’t know how big those places are, but here is my question, and I mean no disrespect: If Sharath and his Mother Saraswati, along with his Uncle Manju do 90 day intensives here in the USA, would that be comparable to a 90 day learning experience in Mysore? My first though is that  90 day rent in either CA or FL might break a yogis bank, and that life in rupees is as important to the Mysore experience as the yoga instruction. But then the plane ticket/jet fuel spew into the atmosphere might be converted into rent money at either CA or FL beach spot. If being placed outside your cultural context and placed in South Asian/Indian modern culture is essential to learning, improving and refining the Ashtanga yoga method, I’d be very grateful for  a short non snarky explanation if it is not too much trouble.

2 thoughts on “Ashtanga Epicenters

  1. I think there is just no way to get the same in the US. At least if you truly want immersion and care even a little about the spiritual practice that yoga most certainly is. Being in India just changes the yoga experience beyond belief. I’ve even done time in an Indian ashram in the US and then one in India. Never the same. Just saying.

    • Thanks Trevor. Your answer leads me where I want to go with this
      conversation, which is pondering the possibility that yoga as a spiritual practice will transcend geography, like some other spiritual practices have.

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