Can The Moon Day Be Monday?

I finished the 3rd Sunday of the month intro to second about 3 hours ago and I am already sore. Never mind that at some point I just sat watched people float up to PIncha Mayurasana and rejoined later on. I will even tell you and don’t hate me for this, but Lagu and Kapo are in the realm of possibility for me without too much drama. I’m sure it is how my bones were pieced together to begin with and not my dedicated efforts. Whatever. I still finish this Sunday practice feeling like if I’ve been having a heated argument an lost. So that’s one more reason to show up again next time. I could so not go anywhere tonight. but you know I’m going, I’m going!

5 thoughts on “Can The Moon Day Be Monday?

    • Megan, I had to YouTube that. I’m the kind of person who remembers they love a song only when I hear someone else listening to it. The kind that always means to download it and never does….

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