Change Your Sleep Position


I read with interest the article above, shared by LeapingLanka on his twitter feed.

It recommends ditching your pillow (pillows in my case) and reconfiguring your sleeping position to a variety of ancestral options described both in word and caption through out the article. Following these recommendations will rid you of lower, back, hip, and knee pain. I went cold turkey last night. I usually sleep with two pillows for my head and neck and a small one for my knees. Well last night I duct taped my old Lilith Fair T Shirt soaked in castor oil to my left IT band/knee joint. and threw the pillows on a chair. It took me a long time to fall asleep. But I woke up pain free in my neck and my lower back was not tight at all. Today I will practice squatting against the wall until I can balance by myself. I used to be able to hang out in a squat while smoking with my girlfriends in the back of the school cafeteria. Sigh.

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