Doing It Wrong

One of the most unpleasant verbal habits we humans have is pointing out the perceived mistakes being made when somebody is trying something new. It is a perfect combination of desire for superiority and fear of inferiority that renders whatever comment we make in that state completely ineffective and pointless. Extreme example: the person who told my husband he was “swishing” is glass of red wine incorrectly (?!), But lately, I find most people trying to demonstrate their command of the situation with their own rules on the dos and don’ts of using new social media. Someone said that it is quite possible to be emotionally stuck in Junior High, and boy was there plenty of danger of doing it wrong in 7th and 8th grade. The rules changed every 12 or 15 minutes didn’t they? I stopped writing a monthly post on my favorite things because I started to “pin” them on Pinterest. I find filing an image I like and want to remember, profoundly satisfying. Well, today I read a post by someone who wanted to advice, no, more like legislate the correct use, the appropriate intention, and the amount of time spent on Pinterest. What is the fun in that?? Oh and the ultimate diss these days (more like since eternity really) which is that it is mostly used by women. Which of course instantly diminishes its value to shallow right? girl toys are always lame right? That is the first lesson a boy learns. I say lets keep our drishti on our own sources of enjoyment, use them to the best of our present ability, may we progress in skill and ability, and stop comparing our level of coolness and hipness to the other practitioners, shall we?

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