Bizarre Rest Day

8 AM- at the iron triangle in front of Citifield with husband leaving his car with Pandit so he can fix some dents form hurried parallel parking. Walk to Flushing and look for coffee, and successfully avoid all the street food temptation. 10 AM- husband goes to get a haircut/head massage, I go to the Skyview mall to window shop. Car should be ready at noon. 11 AM I have bought a bathing suit(19 bucks!) my husband is back with a bleeding ear but happy with his 45 minute head massage. Instead of going to all these wonderful noodle shops which are teeming with humanity we slip into 5 guys burgers(??!!) I have not eaten meat in months, and I inhale it. Noon, car not ready so we sit in these leather couches at the Skyview mall in front of the giant TV that is streaming Whitney Houston’s funeral. We watch this while all these little kids run around screaming and climbing on these couches, while their parents visit with each other in this public living room. One PM, and the car is still not ready, so we watch more funeral because now we have bags from the Asian supermarket. Now I’m hanging out with loud grandmas. Finally 2:30 and car is ready, so of to Ikea  in Red Hook to buy shelves for my basement walls. Another sea of humanity, and 5:30 rolls around so time for cocktails with my daughter whom I haven’t seen in weeks. I was going to club soda it, but we met at this bar where the bartender made the most amazing cocktails and my nerves are frayed, so I end up having several vodkas with muddled tangerine and rosemary. And for dinner we continue to this Spanish restaurant where we wash down a bottle of Bierzo with a parade of Tapas, including Jamon Pata Negra, and finishing of with Asturian cider. Unable to practice today. You understand.

5 thoughts on “Bizarre Rest Day

    • So true, and perhaps a little over dramatic, but this helped me today: “when you are going through hell, keep walking.” Winston Churchill. I know he was talking about war and all, but it is overall good advice not to stay in a bad spot, right?

    • Thanks for your understanding 🙂 I should have taken a photo of that cocktail. It was that pretty, frosted/cloudy orange/pink liquid with dark green rosemary sprigs for stirring…

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