This is probably not correct method, but Ima gonna use it till someone stops me. I don’t know if I mentioned how I injured my ITband (outside the knee stringy tendony thing) trying to show off in Supta Kurmasana (you do not know how hilarious that sounds until you see me) by slipping my hands where they don’t belong. It hurt right away and it has been months since I can do a proper Padmasana, and sometimes my leg pops out of it with a big bang on the floor during closing. Curiously, I am able to put my legs into lotus, preparing for Matsyasana with no pain and no discomfort, no I cannot bind, but that’s another story. Well today I thought: why not lay down again before Baddha Padmasana and fold without drama. Well, holy remedy! And I actually felt air pass through my lifted but in Uth Pluthi, which must mean that I lifted past the usual  barely 3/4 inch, right? So guess what, same trick tomorrow, unless someone stops me.

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