Sunday Travails

I generally wake up late on Sundays and attend a half primary at ten AM so I can have my morning coffee with the husband. I had such a positive experience  during my Friday led, that I woke up early today for the eight AM led. No two days are the same right? My teacher brought something called a Shree box ( I think that’s how it is spelled), and she had it “tuned” to a chord/sound that was to promote a sense of relaxation & focus. She used it at the beginning and at the end of practice. I  am very sorry to say that to my uneducated and quick to judgement ears it sounded like a very big and loud tropical mosquito in danger of entering my ear. I will not blame it on that, but practice was hard. At the end she led  us through some pranayama breathing  exercises, which I gather is routine for the AM Sunday class, but were a first for me and I must have botched them badly because by the time Savasana rolled around, I was I’d say high as a kite. which would have been great, except the Shree box was turned on again which gave me a case of the giggles which I nervously but successfully smothered. I hobbled out of there as quickly as I could.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Travails

  1. Shruti box. I have one of those. Next time you come up to visit, I’ll get it out and play it while Princess Fur does the macarena. But you’re not allowed to laugh! 😉

    • Shruti Box, thank you. My teacher said she bought it awhile ago and she’s a little scared of it. It reminded me of my relationship with my sewing machine. I made 2 shirt type things and had PTSD when I was done, so I haven’t touched it since. I will solemnly listen to your recital should I be so lucky 🙂 On Feb 26, 2012, at 1:02 PM, comment-reply@wordpress.

  2. HAhaha. made me laugh, too. Perhaps she didn’t know how to play it right? Noah Maze uses it a lot and it actually sounds soothing. I’m pretty uneducated in this area as well 😉

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