I’m Already Outta Here

I’m leaving for San Diego on Wednesday morning, but my mind is already there. All my clothes are piled up waiting to be packed, my vitamins are in the ziploc bag, my mat has been scrubbed spotless, mail delivery halted, now ready to endure  the humiliations at  JFK and Jet Blue. Because I stayed up keeping track of Oscar nonsense, I ended up at a 10:30 led led class today which ended up being an unexpected back bending workshop, with a small group. It was very beneficial and informative, and surprising progress was made. This time not just in attitude, but real increase in range of motion. When I return next week, there will be a big hole next to my house instead of my old neighbor’s house which will be demolished while I’m gone. I hope that nothing lands on top of our cars. Let’s see if I can live in the present moment for tidbits of time in the next 48 hours.

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