AYC Day One

For the first time in many journeys, I traveled without a single hitch. Traffic, TSA, Jet Blue, they all behaved. The hotel booked me two rooms instead of one, but that was it. Spotted 2 yogis (mats) on the plane and later at the hotel. It’s cold but the sun is shining. Many oysters and some fume blanc at La Jolla last night with my husband/project backer/investor/banker but behaving from now on. After our zoo adventure today , he is on his own just like me when I tag along on his business trips, haha! I made the mistake of mentioning on FB that I was in the area and now loved ones from LA down the coast want to see me, so I have to tune it out. I can’t mourn Davy Jones, my first crush with my JHS FB friends from way back. I will try to keep up here, but from previous travel jaunts, I know I tend to lay off cyber space.

6 thoughts on “AYC Day One

  1. I’d suggest to not even try to blog. Don’t even think about it until you get home. Just immerse and revel in the amazing collection of practitioners.

    • I have to say that sharing a common activity with 200 people in one big room is a pretty big deal and it was quite surreal for lack of a better term. More later.

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