After The Ecstasy The Laundry

I think that’s a book title. Now back in my daily mundane routine, and I am able to realize that workshops are kind of rough on the body. Both my knees are gimpy now, plus reaching the floor in Badakonasana had it’s repercussions , and no massage therapist or body worker can really be willing to go there, can they? I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I spent my moon day making birthday cakes for all the March birthdays in the family. One niece, two sisters in law and one brother in law. I hate hate hate store bought cake, unless its from a fancy pastry shop approved by yours truly. So I made 4  different flavored cakes (coconut custard, strawberry cream cheese, chocolate hazelnut, and lemon poppy seed) for a party tomorrow night. Tapas, drinks and cake for 20, which I won’t partake of because I already collected money for Yoga Stops Traffick’s 108 salutations which I will be doing on Saturday. I am however hoarding leftovers.

8 thoughts on “After The Ecstasy The Laundry

  1. Cake. I want cake.
    PS I feel like you do after every mysore class these days, but the progress? leaps ‘n’ bounds
    PSS Your previous post made me want to seek out Nancy
    PSSS I still want cake.

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