What if You Don’t Enjoy Enlightement?

Totally possible, since your experience is yours to screw up after all. This Is something that Craig Ferguson’s and Eddie Izard’s competition (aka David Swenson) brought up at last weeks’ AYC. David was answering I question I don’t remember, but he started the answer with “what if you are already enlightened” what if this is it? Maybe it is actually going on and you just said: I really thought it was gonna be different, ya know? On some days like for example yesterday, I am convinced that it is a matter of just pressing the like button on what is going on, or at the very least pressing the I don’t mind button, lets say on sun salutation #68 out of 108. All off a sudden it is no big deal, not a good deal or a bad deal, not even a deal. Or  like after a bite of something scrumptious, remembering someone might have exactly the same blissful sensation you are having from eating wild mushroom risotto from eating a bag of Cheetos. same dopamine party, same effect. After that, like David says, you still have to chop wood and carry water,quoting the Zen Koan. The chopping and carrying never stops, but the cataloging of it as a good thing or a bad thing does stop. Your choice.

3 thoughts on “What if You Don’t Enjoy Enlightement?

  1. I cannot like this enough. So much truth is there, and it resonates. Hope the 108 salutations went smoothly and that the cake(s) were a lovely reward.

    • Thanks D. Sugar is a double edged sword, I woke up with a sore throat and decided not to pass it on this morning to my shala mates. I’d say 80% of the 108s felt comfortable, which is pretty good no? It helps when someone else is counting.

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