Yoga Dreams

During the brief time that I was asleep last night (or so it seemed to  me) I enjoyed one of those awesome yoga dreams when you physically feel yourself performing an asana that is challenging in the other world. Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimattanasana has been a challenge on both sides ever since I started practicing. I bind on the first side sometimes but never on the second side, and it is even lamer after my IT band mystery. Well, last night I figured out a way in my sleep, and it literally felt so real that I woke up this morning convinced I was going to replicate. No dice, but overall a great focused breathing practice. and inches of progress in Mari C, which was unexpected and welcome. I am going back to the shala later for an intro to Sanskrit class, and will be back to make us some linguini & clam sauce to go with a glass of red and the poppyseed lemon loaf I have now in the oven. I went for the 80/20 deal this week: eat in a healing manner 80% of the week and let off some steam during the remaining 20%. Sounds like a good deal.

5 thoughts on “Yoga Dreams

    • Loo, I happen to know that I am right on the path to a trip to Manhattan, which you will eventually have to make. I am an obligatory stop. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Heck I’ll even through in tea time.

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