Futzing Ticks & Fidgeting

Could not find my breath today. Every inhale, no matter how long, felt shallow. Every exhale felt like a closed mouthed pant. It all got sort of done, but I was quite distracted with this shall we call it chase the breath game I had going on. It did give me an opportunity to notice, count and categorize the amount of ticks, mannerisims, and fidgeting I do,and not just during the seated poses. I will not bore you with the list, but I could start with my pre- invocation stretching “preliminaries” and catching up again with the obsessive need to align my toes, my index and thumb perfectly for Padangushtasana. Then futzing with the bad side in Utita Parshvokanasana, then heming and hawing with the knees in correct placement on the Virabhadrasanas, but  that is only a warm up for the real show that starts during the seated poses. It is little comfort, but everyone has some sort of futz routine during parts of seated. Today though, was so bad that teacher came over and asked about what I was up to in Upavishta Konasana. You see I like to line up my heels with the farthest wood panel breaks on the floor to widen my legs. They are easier to find if a position myself diagonally on my mat. Well she put an end to that. Just like the little kids how have the ritual of not stepping on the crack in the sidewalk to insure it all goes well. Kai who blogs at reluctantashtangi.blogspot.com calls what we practice on these type of days futztanga.

7 thoughts on “Futzing Ticks & Fidgeting

  1. Kai has wonderful ways of describing yoga “issues”. They say the best attitude when rising everyday is asking with genuine curiosity: I wonder what’s going to happen today?
    So far that’s my plan.

  2. sounds better than my solo home practice where my forward bends were so minimal as to be unmeasurable. poor sacrum still wonky. and this from being able to plant my face on my knees! or should I say: this from planting my face on my knees when I had no business being there.

  3. Ouch Loo. A whole new dimension to the term face plant. I am also curious. Is it your entire lower back that is sore or one side more than the other? I ask because I have a louder side after any over reaching in forward bends.

    • In general the left side is worse, but I have unbalanced hips. It’s just the lower back/sacrum. This makes for painful legs too though. It will heal. And I’ll keep on keeping on.

      • If it feels at all sacroiliac, try a mulabanda check in every pose. And transition. And when you roll over in bed. Or move. Or watch Youtube videos of people moving. I picked that trick up recently, and it’s really taken a lot of the “sore” out of “Mysore” these past few weeks!

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