Silver Hill

That’s the name of a fancy Hospital/Rehab facility less than 2 miles form my house. Once in a blue moon we get a call from the cops saying that a “suspicious” person is walking in the vicinity of xxx road and please stay inside and lock the doors. That is code for patient on the loose. Last night’s call was on the late side (for an early riser) and I kept hearing things go bump in the night all night long. Usually they call again when the “situation” is under control. No call yet. So I’m practicing at home, but lack of sleep is not the only reason. Yesterday I had a food tantrum and decided to bake scones at around 4PM because I had seen a photo of an FB friend’s tea time in India, which snowballed into a huge craving after my 7 mile walk. I made a dozen and ate 5 for “dinner”. I spent the night digesting the glue used to make Papier Mache, and wondering if the patient prowling the neighbohood was a celebrity, or somebody’s, kid, and hoping the problem was alcohol and not meth, you know, constructive useful thoughts like that. March: not a stellar month in the annals of my practice, even with AYC, thrown in.

12 thoughts on “Silver Hill

  1. I apologise for my part in this debacle. If it helps, nobody in this whole ashtanga-town could sleep last night either, so perhaps it was part scone/part astrological happening?
    p.s. I ate SIX.

  2. Mel, you are a joy. As I ate them I kept wondering if they had creme fraiche in India( like I was having) instead of clotted cream.
    p.s. the patient has been recovered.

  3. March, for those not following these things, is, as my sister would say ‘balls to the walls” due to Mars and Mercury in retrograde. Honestly, it’s been a bear in all aspects but especially in my practice. Oh, I’m on the mat (even on the moon day, bad lady) but I’m limping along and not even getting through Primary.

    I need a scone or six!

  4. Vegan bakery? Ick. So not my thing. I go to the Billy’s in Tribeca. I walk there and back from my apartment to convince myself that the calorie outlay to do so makes the cake ok…….as if.

    • I walk is better than a drive. I also found out the hard way that it is better to take care of a craving right away instead of letting it snowball into a crazy plan to attack and plunder the castle…

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