7 thoughts on “Reading Binge

  1. I can’t wait to dig into WILD. Going to stock up on tissues before I do….her writing has that kind of effect on me.

    Have you noticed how your tastes in books changed over time? I’m drawn towards memoir more than fiction these days.

  2. What else have you read by her D? Memoir has always been a favorite, I tend to read uninterrupted fiction for awhile then switch to all non-fiction, I very seldom shuffle them together.

  3. I read her Dear Sugar advice column on The Rumpus, have you heard of it? Not your average advice column, really. That’s how I discovered her, haven’t read any of her prior work yet.

    • SHE is Dear Sugar?? I subscribe to the Rumpus and often read references to her column but have not checked it out yet. His letters are looong. Will check her out!

      • Oh yes! She came out on Valentine’s Day at an event in San Francisco, probably because of her latest book I bet. Funny I just started subscribing to his emails too – I love them, a little long, sometimes too esoteric, but I love his voice and take on things. Do you subscribe to their Letters In The Mail too? You get a letter from one of The Rumpus writers every month or something like that.

        So happy to meet a fellow Rumpus reader!!

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