My short legs are a pain in the ass. Literally. Because they are so short compared to my torso and other body parts, the muscles in my legs do not isolate or separate easily except when manually coaxed (tortured). If you still buy meat, imagine frozen cubes of chuck that you need to make into stew that evening. Hard to pull apart. This inconvenience manifests in lots of places, but its most insistent where my legs meet by butt. This is useful when it starts feeling inflamed, tender, whatever euphemism you want to use for pain. Why? because  in the past, when this has happened, it means I’m about to touch something that has been out of reach, or open something that has been tightly shut until then. Body work helps tons with opening space between the muscles, but you have to be sort of precise about where you need relief (in my experience anyway). So today I did what I had been thinking about doing for awhile: I grabbed a pen from the sign in table at the shala, went to the bathroom and marked myself with the letter X wherever I felt tightness or soreness. Thank goodness she has a great sense of humor and actually thought it was a great idea (I can’t be the only one who has figured this out…) very productive, on task session and I am popping Advil as we share….

4 thoughts on “Ink

  1. love it! i have been thinking of doing the same because i have trouble remembering exactly where the soreness is..and if it has moved from the last time..

    • Hi Suzanne, Now that you mention that the soreness moves, so does your skin when you lie down. At least if you’re about to turn 54 and are overfed. Next time I’ll prep myself from home while lying down.

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