Just For Today….

I’m having my 2nd cup of coffee with steamed milk instead of black.

I’m baking pizza with homemade dough & marinara, smoked mozzarella, cured anchovies, and enough fresh garlic to warn people not to put their mats to close to mine tomorrow.

I am making chocolate mousse boozed up with Cointreau, and leaving it in the bowl- one spoon for Ray and one for me.

I don’t like the bottle of red that’s left in the house, so I’ll have water.

I know that the AA & OA prayers start with “Just for today”-I mean no disrespect.

3 thoughts on “Just For Today….

  1. LOL…hope you were able to avoid the dough 🙂 Although that isn’t actually as bad for meditation as the garlic, coffee, etc. But what would life be without those things?

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