Ima gonna pretend I still qualify for Ladies Holiday. Yesterday, today, tomorrow’s moon day, and Saturday’s rest day. Whatever is tangled inside that hand/wrist has until Sunday morning to sort itself out. I think I’ll do a little research on menopausal ashtangis today.

Oh, and when was someone going to let me know about Snatam Kaur?? I listened for a little while last night and slept like a baby. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

10 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. Oh no I’m going, gimpy or healthy! The internets don’t want to talk about what happens to Ladies Holiday after Meno. Maybe I’ll write the priestess of Maui with that question.

  2. Didn’t think you were into chanting…Snatam is beyond AMAZING both recorded and to see live. Have you been using arnica too? Both applied and in pills is a good thing.

  3. Neither did I. I listen to a CD (Sita’s Light) performed by a shalamate who sings and plays the harmonium when I drive. No I haven’t used arnica because it does not feel like a bruise, but I’ll check that out too. Feels a lot better this afternoon. Thanks Anon.

    • Nope, my Ramaswami workshop starts that afternoon and at this point the husband is wondering if I’ve gone workshop crazy. Thanks for all the prescriptions Dr. S! Will you be coming to the burbs on the bus??

      • No burbs for me, unfortunately. neither budget nor time allows. 😦 Someday you’ll let me know when you’re in the city and we will meet up for a glass of wine. 🙂

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