Jedi Knights & Relatives

How Jedi Knights Should Eat : AY:A2.

The link you see above brought some sanity back into the future of my Easter weekend. As you all know Monday is Sharath day in the NYC metro area, and I thought I would just attend the usual Easter Brunch/late lunch and nibble politely. But no, this time it will be dinner!? So I had to explain that I would not be eating dinner because I had a special event to attend really early the next morning requiring an empty stomach. You would think I killed jesus and the easter bunny judging from the reaction. I already am a pain in the butt because I over share about the changes in my eating habits because of what you learn when you start practicing. So it has been calls about how about if I make this can you eat that?? Never mind that I eat what is in front of me when I am a guest whether it is baby lamb, baby chicken, okay not veal, but I don’t make a fuss. Which I guess adds to the confusion because I get hit with But you ate that at so and so’s the other day! Sigh. Eating in our culture is never about just eating. May the force be with us and may we know what to do with it.

4 thoughts on “Jedi Knights & Relatives

  1. Oh honey, NEVER announce your plans to avoid eating things, just either stack your plate with vegetables if it’s a buffet, or move things around skillfully as if you are eating and honestly, people won’t notice. This generally works fine, especially when there lots of people and lots of food. I find it works with booze too: I accept the drink. Take a sip. Put the glass down. Or carry it around, refiling it discretely with sparkling water. I have honed these skills from years of forced socializing with people who don’t understand about not eating certain things. The most important thing is to deflect! If someone says something, laugh and change the topic. Move that chicken hither and yon! Cut into it freely. The key is to not draw attention to whether you are eating or not, then you can control how much goes in. And if you watch the alcohol and heavier foods, you will be just fine for Sharath on Monday. Worry is worse for you. Hugs!

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