Always Surprised

Sharath & Saraswathi in Greenwich 2012.

Freaked out when I saw part of my while here on earth appearance on the Jois FB page. I am always shocked, shocked when I see my image, in my head I look completely different! DO NOT let a few rolls stop you from doing cool stuff people.

6 thoughts on “Always Surprised

    • In all my glory S. I lost 38 pounds in 2010 but 18 missed me too much and found me again….I’m hoping the other 10 don’t find me while I’m working out a friendly divorce with the ones that came back.

  1. Is that you in UHP on the right hand side? You look very peaceful, with your eyes closed (or almost closed…) UHP is arguably my weakest pose. I would probably be dancing all over the place if I were there 🙂

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