Use The Body

Use the sensations in your body to work your mind. I’ve droned on an on about my hand pain for some days now, and thanks to doing that I’ve received some good pieces of advice that I put into practice yesterday and today. S. from LIashtangini wisely suggested vinyasas ( and I imagine  all chaturangas) on my knees, and I already feel the difference. My husband the couch coach also put his two cents in by saying that I should visualize my upper back as the hook in a clothes hanger and my arms well, as the arms! what holds the garment up us the hook. the arms just provide shape & structure for the garment. Putting my knees down helps the mind reenact this visualization. This makes me realize that any limitation or bodily sensation is there to provide focus to our minds, preventing it from fleeing from the scene. All the movements that are not yet fluid or effortless are difficult to make sure we get to our destination.

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