You Are About to Find Out

How lazy I really am. Overwhelmed with the amount of information that Ramaswami  dished out on Saturday. Suffice it to say, he talks like a medical Dr. ought to talk when he speaks to you about self care while explaining to you exactly how your body functions, in perfectly logical layman terms. After giving lecture after lecture he still gets all excited about his subject matter, it is contagious. He is a pleasure to listen to, and like my parents say, an honor to have his company.  A few highlights:

Claudia & James Altucher got to visit my shala.

The most important/essential asanas are: Paschimottanasana, Saravangasana, Sirsansana, and Yoga Mudra. Those four are the backbone of asana.

Yoga distinguishes itself from all other physical disciplines in being the only practice that offers inversions. It is Yoga’s contribution to health and longevity.

a yoga practice is composed of asana followed by pranayama, then pratyahara, and ending with meditation. Skipping any of these is an incomplete practice.

His teaching on bandhas is a whole post by itself.

Each of the Vinyasa Krama sequences I have experienced so far have enhanced and advanced my practice  in startling ways. Suffiice it to say that I will be looking NOT browsing at Grimmly’s videos and publications way more carefully from now on.

The teaching of pranayama and mantra will probably be expanded  on tomorrow but today’s introduction was sublime. It makes you truly believe that the objective of asana is to get you to the joys of pranayama and meditation.

Succumbed to soft shell crabs, oysters and fume blanc after having fasted for the entire day. I can count in the fingers of one hand the times the consort has cooked for me.

10 thoughts on “You Are About to Find Out

  1. Hi SF, love your post, you are bringing out the energy he does give, which is amazing. Thanks for the mention, we enjoyed seeing your shala which is beautiful! –

    I loved the practice with him, we are both still a bit sore believe it or not, and I am still digesting the information as well. What a treat, we are so lucky to have both Sharath and Ramaswami in our area on the same week 🙂

    • It was great to see you both. Now you know you have fans everywhere! We are indeed very fortunate to have both teachers in our area. I hope you visit again one day for either mysore practice or a Friday or Sunday Led Primary. Have a great week.

  2. Wonderful to read this, (so glad you and James were able to make it Claudia). YES, he does get excited doesn’t he and it’s so infectious. Just taught my first Vinyasa Krama class and I could hear his voice throughout , like I was channeling him without realising, actually laughed out loud when I heard myself say “stretch stretch stretch” gently. And I chanted at the beginning and at the end because I know he would want me to and was glad that I did. Throughout I heard my self saying Ramaswami this Ramaswami that… I taught pranayama as he taught it to me, chanting the pranayama mantra throughout for the student and was in awe of Ramaswami’s calm and control and patience, I did it for ten minutes only , I remember him doing it for forty. Wish i was there with you Maria.

  3. This has complicated my life quite a bit. I fell head over heels in love with all the sequences. they have healing qualities, and have a very meditative component. Plus who is going to argue about taking rest after every sequence?? Plus chanting. Chanting changes everything. I will start by committing to adding pranayama, pratyahara, & meditation immediatley after daily practice.Thus far I did Pranayama before leaving the house ( I’m shy) and meditation before bedtime. Knew nothing about pratyahara practice until yesterday. Who knows how I am going to filt in a sequence here and a sequence there…

  4. Now you sees what I’ve struggled with for the last two years, how to fit it all in. My main focus of my lesson yesterday was to try to give the guy the tools to do that, to adapt the sequences and be selective and develop a realistic self practice that left time for pranayama, pratyahara and meditation. It;s a challenge good luck with it.

  5. As you read, I only came across a physical practice of pratyahara this weekend. Before that I knew it was one of the eight limbs of yoga meaning withdrawal of the senses. I had seen photos in Grimmly’s blog of him covering his face while in lotus but did not delve into it. Really quickly I will say that after your asana & pranayama practice you should sit, cover your ears with your thumbs and press, while covering your closed eyes with your index fingers, your middle fingers pressing gently on the bridge of your nose, the next fingers on either side of your closed mouth, and your pinky fingers, I’m not too sure if below your mouth or at your jaw. then you breathe for a couple of minutes. Check grimmly’s blog for the correct details.

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