The Trail of Crumbs

See if you can follow this one. I am ten pounds away from gaining all the weight I lost in 2010. Since it appears that I have to continue to wake up every morning anyway, I might as well keep trying to get it right. I have mentioned before how some books come into my periphery of vision in almost providential ways, these two are the latest apparitions:













Incognito was waiting in my book pile and The Power of Habit caught my eye at the library. Then yesterday while lurking at Yogadork’s I saw a couple of snarky comments from some one called Babarazzi, fell in love,  and headed over to that site. Today they send me more awesome foolishness accompanied by the wisdom of Pema Chodron addressing my travails! Check them out below. I should be way more bummed, but I’m actually motivated. That kind of sounds bad doesn’t it?


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14 thoughts on “The Trail of Crumbs

  1. Geez that’s tough. From everything you post it seems like you are doing all the right things to keep weight down. Maybe slow metabolism is to blame? I know mine slowed when I hit 40 a couple years ago making it harder to maintain weight. I also got checked for metabolic syndrome just in case. Now I just don’t eat after 5pm and seems to work.

    • Sigh, I think our entire society has metabolic syndrome. I do have a very slow metabolism and I should be doing more on the food portions and the more consistent avoidance of grains, dairy & sugar(ahem booze). Frank Bruni had a very interesting editorial on weight gain the other day in the NYT…

  2. I didn’t go cold turkey, kind of ‘weaned’ off but I do feel better. We’ll see how things look in a week or two.

  3. Have you ever done a flat out detox? I had the same thing happen to me 3 times and finally a friend who is a naturopath told me about what it really means to detox and why we do it. It’s really about getting rid of the toxins in our body that act like cellular signaling hormones that influence weight gain and the inability to lose fat. Very scientific stuff but it works. So it’s not just a fad kind of diet thing, etc…it’s about doing phase I and phase II liver detoxing to get those toxins out.

    I lost all the weight I gained in about 2 months and then some, reaching my true goal weight after years of trying to get there…and have kept it off for 4 years now which is incredible considering I am going through menopause. Once a year since the first time, I do a short 2 week detox every Spring and all is good 🙂 Just something to think about.

  4. PS Cause you may think it’s all in your mind and in your habits, but it could really be in your physical body 🙂

  5. For what it’s worth, you may find it easier to lose the weight the second time. My weight had crept up 8 lbs over 6 months last fall, and over the christmas holidays i stayed home and had a quiet, focused time practicing, walking a lot every day, working at home, and giving my eating habits some attention. It came off quickly. I would prefer to lose more weight than the 15 lbs I lost when I first started yoga but there seems to be a point where my body naturally setlles if I’m practicing consistently. Getting back to that point is easy when I stray. Losing more seems to be hard, though I’ve managed occasionally. I am working on a strategy for getting further. The danger for me is the periods of chaos when intense bursts of work and travel disrupt my routines of practice and healthy eating. I think it helps to define the routine that works for you now–maybe a variant on the one that has worked before–and do your best to stay with it.

    I think also my weight had gone up as I experimented with my diet. I have to stick to basic non-radical principles, making small changes and listening to my body. Vegan didn’t work for me, but a diet that is 90% vegetarian with occasional fish (mostly when eating out) does work.

    • Hi Susan, I agree that the second time around you understand many things about what needs to be done permanently. I realize that there is no cessation to operation weight loss, the way you eat to loose weight is the way you must eat for the duration of the ride….

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