Morning Glory

I peeked as my sweetheart decided to begin his morning with some Sun Salutes. He is not going to join the cult anytime soon ( I already tried), but pumping air into those lungs can only make the drive to the salt mines better, right? He does not stop moving for a minute, Even in the car he fidgets, and he has practically built me two houses, so he is no slouch. He is going to try Aikido (which was going to be MY plan B is this Ashtanga thing did not pan out). I’m very excited about those pants. In other news, I was given Supta Padangushtasana today. Thank goodness it was before I tried to behead my teacher (I think, could not really see) with a sloppy landing from assisted Sirsasana. After all the work she’s put into keeping me up, I was quite mortified. 3 to go…

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