Wednesday Update

Ended up in the “improv” class after a quick consult with teacher who told me to not get overheated and to breathe with ease and gentleness. I also got a chance to fez up to the other two teachers who asked how I was doing, and I told them I had more of an anxiety meltdown, and not so much a sinus headache. Improv turned out to be mostly a half primary interrupted after Navasana by  the Shalabhasanas which is where I started blubbering and sobbing as silently as I could manage. uhg- don’t you love a good dignified cry face down on a sweaty wooden floor?  after a couple of Dhanurasanas I flopped myself around did 3 “UDs” and I was calm by closing. Finished crying for a bit in the car, and was able to jab my index finger hard (okay not very hard) on my sternum without fear of pain.

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