I was able to understand late last evening that I had depleted my psychic or whatever you want to call it energy during the course of the day. How can you tell? You start feeling chilly/cold, your throat gets so dry (probably from too much talking) that you think you are catching a cold, and you feel very very hungry, but are also queasy so you do not eat. That’s why a very calmly knew this morning that it was going to be a sweatpants no shower no going out and seeing other people day. I usually feel like I am defrauding the family, the planet and all it’s institutions when I take this kind of day off, but I don’t today. I have spent most of my morning on youtube checking out this guy Tobias Lars. very interesting (to me) stuff on the energetic body and our perceptions of what occurs in our present reality. I might go to a mixed level class this evening, but I’m leaning towards I’ll see you all tomorrow instead.

5 thoughts on “Zapped

  1. yay for rest and also i do believe the effects of the coming SUPER moon are already upon us:) Feeling it here in my neck of the woods for sure!

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