The Human Barometer

That’s me. Each time a storm is  coming in or storm is  moving out. I can’t tell anymore. All I know is that today is  put the dark glasses on rain or shine, and do not bend over. Someone told me to take pain killers before the weather turns but since I don’t watch television or listen to radio, I never know what’s going to happen unless I stick my head out the window. Heading to midtown to meet my aunt who wants to take me out to lunch to celebrate my future birthday at this place that has been imported to NYC from some  flashy hotel in Vegas. She tells me it’s a restaurant by day and a nightclub at night.  I cannot imagine.

6 thoughts on “The Human Barometer

  1. I added the weather channel app to my ipad for that very reason. I can check weather without turning on tv or radio and know:) i also don’t do newspapers. enjoy the restaurant/night club.

  2. Sucks to be so sensitive to pressure change. You need to move somewhere where the climate is the same year-round 🙂

    I hope the restaurant is a good one!

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