Yeah, intro to 2nd for my birthday. More like an exploration workshop, but guess what? Butt on the floor for Virasana, and right after, A variation of Kapo where my head touched the floor! Teacher came right over to lift it because something about my upper back, but whatever, it was great. It is a glorious no humidity sky blue day in my neck of the woods. A shala friend left me a beautiful CD with chants/songs by her friends Deva, Miten, & Manose (uhuh..) and I played it on the drive home. Plus being the queen of dorks, I love getting all those Facebook birthday greetings.

On another note, I never met you, but Thank you, Thank you Guruji for my teacher and my teacher’s teacher.

4 thoughts on “Yeehaw!!

  1. Congrats and happy birthday!! I have heard of those musicians… good? I have a friend really into chanting that told me about them awhile back. Sounds like a nice gift. Have a great day and I hope you get to eat cake:)

    • Thanks anon. The person that gave it to me is also a musician and she attends retreats & workshops with them. If I am not mistaken she just returned from Costa Rica, and I think this CD is from that occasion…

      I’m going to go for the cheese plate!!

    • I don’t understand how Ustrasana & Pre Kapo are possible when I can’t lift more than half an inch from the floor with my head in UD. But I’ll take it!

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