The Black Fly Ball

My entire family hosted a fantastic catered event for the black fly population of Schoodic Mountain during a .4 mile climb to the summit. Short but steep & sweaty with no bug repellant, hence the catered part of the feast for these critters. The guys got bitten, but my daughter and I got eaten. A black fly leaves a welt that looks like a bee sting. We look like we are recuperating from adult chicken pox. I am sure Magdalena is going to attract the looks of city folk wondering if they are bed bug bites! I myself am a litlle shy about showing my neck and arm bites to the shala population. Yoga practice outside on the deck facing east with an ocean breeze and 75 degrees was rather awesome.  Just one tip: A black manduka gets really hot to the touch around the one hour mark…

The photo below is the base of the venue for  the black fly banquet.

Good to be home, and looking forward to going back in July when black fly season is over.

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