Do What The Songs Say

Close your eyes. If you are having balance issues like me, and are getting slightly dizzy when you rise from the last asanas before closing, do make an appointment to check out what is going on, but in the meantime do it. It helps. You still feel a bit dizzy but not disoriented. I think I might have an ear infection, or otherwise it must be another indignity to add to the woes of hormone reshuffling during the big M. I had to drag my leg like Quasimodo up the stairs and to my car from the pounding I took during my body work appointment. It is the third time we work on my outside of my lower leg which is still so tight (improving but not yet there) that I still do not have the entire lotus on my left leg back. Now a couple of hours have passed, and I think she made a breakthrough. I cant wait to test it out tomorrow.

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