9 thoughts on “Handstand In The Pool

  1. Full moon energy, Malbec and handstanding…not a good idea but yes…bravo for being brave enough to go for it!!

    • Thanks Frank. I also was emboldened by wanting to show off in front of my cousins. More proof that having to use the word fall needs to be used right after pride.:)

  2. Ouch , missed the nose hope it’s healed up and didn’t smart too much…what were you thinking… (running off on a solo practice/caveretreat with a pool and an ocean in a little over a week, Note to self: don’t try it, don’t try it…but know I will. Deep end grimmly DEEP end).

    • Oh Grimm, you probably already handstand surrounded by thin air instead of water, but yes the deep end holds you up effortlessly. All these mishaps occur because of overeager greed. Plus an audience of non yogis wondering what you’re up to only eggs you on….

  3. handstands yes but I want to be able to stay up on the elbows (sayanasana) for more than a couple of seconds, bound to end in tears. Love yoga in the pool, swimming in lotus my favourite. Btw the Darby times on arms and shoulder girdle etc are good for handstands and the swenson thing recently about forgetting about your legs altogether, just think of the hips/pelvis (whoever happens don’t let your mind shift back to your legs/feet) have noticed a difference in my own, sury floats, handstands, jump throughs etc.

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