Strength & Fortitude

After a 3 day “hiatus” I was back on the mat this morning with no blow back. I figure it is maybe my third week of doing the chaturanga on my knees experiment, and aside from increasing my resolve, it has also rectified my perception of what it means to be strong.

Of course strength means having physical power and energy. It is the intensity of a force, the ability to apply pressure with a high degree of intensity/potency, bla, bla bla.

Most importantly for a yogi is the perception of strength being the capacity to withstand, and place focus. Also to apply concentration on a movement. SPEED is NOT however one of the attributes of strength. No where does it say that the acquisition of strength has to be fast and quick. And that is what we of course prefer and desire. We want strength but fast please so we can get on with it. That is not how it is harvested. Like everything that grows, the last thing it needs is to be rushed and hurried. That is why we should cultivate fortitude as well, which is an old fashioned way to say lets be patient while we make an effort that we keep describing and permeating with adversarial qualities.

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