Ikea Butt

After a literally bruising session of massage therapy, I am happily going to try harder to spend most of the time I spend online standing up. I usually spend about 4(+-) hours playing around with my laptop while I sit on this:

If you notice the  front metal screws, that is exactly where what I thought was my abundantly padded butt sits during this time. I’m sure that screw is not the only reason I am sore right there, but I certainly do not need the added pressure. From now on, reading and typing is done standing in front of the kitchen counter. I stood for six and a half hours everyday for many years. I should still have muscle memory.

3 thoughts on “Ikea Butt

  1. Ouch!!!! I can see how sitting in that for four hours each day would be painful. I get sore from just sitting on my bed for a while doing homework. Of course, I don’t have great back support so that’s probably my problem. I hope you get to feeling better.

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