T JMess

My wonderful man dropped me off to kill some time at TJMaxx yesterday while he took my car to get inspected (that’s the kind of guy he is). I almost always walk out empty handed, but as I was leaving they were hanging some new fancy looking lycra pants with a very fancy crotch and tush design which looked quite comfortable. They had an original price of $78 and a TJ price of $12.99 so I grabbed an XL and walked to the register because Ray was done. So this morning I am literally cramming myself into them while I wonder how three beers and some fries can leave me so bloated. I’m uncomfortable on the drive over, but by the end of the standing poses I could barely breathe. I  somehow finished wondering how these things did not rip open and how I did not suffocate! When I got home I took them off immediately. The darn things are compression pants plus the tag inside does not say XL like the TJMaxx tag, it says X !! I still don’t understand how I got  them to go pass my tummy and my backside this morning. I really think I could have fainted, like those victorian ladies from way back…

5 thoughts on “T JMess

  1. Sounds like serious yeast bloat from the beer for sure. Even one beer does that to me…I am gluten free but when it’s hot out, I can’t resist:)

    • Yes, beer is not my friend, ever. I do however think that the size snafu was the main culprit. I cannot believe I squeezed myself into a size x, even if it was an irregular one with lots and lots of lycra…

  2. Here here, Loo! I have many times donned Spanx to look good in a party dress. I have NEVER ONCE made it all the way to my destination still in them.

    Maria, just think how happy some size 0 yogini is going to be when she finds these pants at Goodwill 🙂

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