Routine: NOT boring

This is what I have to say about boredom: Being bored is another name for being anxious about the next step and refusing to take it by digging your heels in so nothing new happens. It has nothing to do with repetition or with routine. when your routine works and flows without obstruction, it is enjoyable at most and completely harmless and without hassle at the very least. Showing up for practice in ashtanga is an example of a productive and satisfying routine. A routine that has your loyalty and your undivided attention becomes a ritual. It is when your attention flees the situation you are in, and begins  mourning for what happened, or worrying about what is going to happen next that you experience fear. And who willingly wants to move towards fear? That’s why we resort to halting to a complete stop. Stopping calmly and peacefully is not boring, but when you stop while afraid it becomes agitated and anxious stopping and that is boredom.

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