Witless vs. Wheatless

I read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis back in January of this year. I knew he was right, but aside from throwing a pity party on my FB page and a mention of ” I read this awhile ago..” I didn’t do much with it. Out of the blue (plus maybe  a climb on the scale) I decided to give wheat free a go but this time conning my beloved into joining me. It has been three weeks, and it really is like cigarettes, the first few days are hard and after that your cravings stop whining inside your head and you start to notice how much better you feel. I’d like to say that pounds are falling off, but a result of  3lbs in three weeks is bullsh&t. The difference is in energy, vigor, and normalcy of appetite. The husband? Dropped 7 lbs he does not need to drop, and people avoid him because he won’t stop talking about how  great he feels, and how everyone should stop eating wheat. You’re welcome everyone whom he supervises or has to go into a meeting with him….

1 thought on “Witless vs. Wheatless

  1. Oh boy…I hear ya. Every time I go on a diet with my man, he ALWAYS loses the weight faster and looks great. I don’t invite him to join me any more!

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