Flee Then Speedasana

Had a lousy practice yesterday mainly because my pants are now too tight. On the way out nice teacher asked how my practice was and I started whimpering. I  embarrass easily and dickered all morning until I dragged myself to led 1/2 primary. Got there, did my stretching and when class was about to start I started whimpering again. Got my shit and left leaving another very nice teacher probably concerned. I got home went outside and did my practice with a speed that left me shocked. No skipping but super fast breathing, and like I was in a race to finish first. I was done, drenched, feeling better but still feel like an idiot for bolting. I hope this is not long term, I’m tired of quitting shit.

2 thoughts on “Flee Then Speedasana

  1. i hear ya. some days are like that for me as well. this morning i wanted to quit mysore practice/leave the shala. my mind was everywhere and i could not stop some thoughts and anxiety. starting getting teary-eyed in my second down dog. sadface. sometimes i lose my shit when i’m not feeling it and then there’s something about the shala that just brings it out of me and gets me whimpering too.

    awesome that you practiced outside when you got home instead of dropping it all together. and i think teachers are understanding and have probably experienced the same thing at some point in their lives.

    • Hi there Jessy, Thanks for the cyberpat in the back. I started worrying immediately after publishing about justa having sent an invite to a pity party! Oh boy, I obviously do not have enough to worry about which is sort of good news right? You are very right about the energy in shala spaces, it is sort of a sanctuary space isn’t it? Believe it or not, I go for long walks on this nature trail nearby, and sometimes I feel myself getting riled up or angry out of nowhere. My explanation for that is that lots of people use that trail for running and releasing their stressful thoughts, so I think some of that energy lingers for a bit then dissipates. Just in case you did not think I was weird enough,hahaha! Thanks again for your lovely comment.

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