It Bears Repeating

“The most intimate relationship you will ever have is your relationship with your breath” David Garrigues

As conveyed by teacher today, because I did not hear it first hand since I  could only attend one afternoon of the workshop he led last weekend. That’s all I focused on this morning, and I might not quit this thing after all. Happy rest day Ashtangis.

5 thoughts on “It Bears Repeating

  1. Nice. makes me think of a couple of things Richard said where he referred to the breath, something like ‘…your ujjayi like a whisper, as if talking to your beloved’, something like that which at the time made me think of the intimacy of the breath and ‘following the breath’ makes me think of Dante being guided by Beatrice (any reference to the beloved always makes me think of Dante). Don’t know how well you know your Dante but Virgil leads Dante through Hell to the heights of purgatory ( Asana/tapas/ransformation? : ) but it was Beatrice, the beloved (spirit/breath), that guided him to paradise. ……Ok getting carried away clearly but I like this idea of breath and intimacy.

    • I love this! A catholic education without Dante or Milton? Fat chance. Literature, the true alchemy, and it is only through storytelling that learning lingers & abides effortlessly.

  2. Very well put. I thought about it for a while. The most intimate relationship is with… and filled in “your body”, but then again, yes, the breath is even more so… lovely!

    Thanks for the happy rest day wish, MUCH appreciated day off! Not digging this Saturday moon-day business…

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