Hey, is it bad form to ask someone you don’t know very well what their dosha is? Is that polite or invasive yogi talk? For instance I would really like to know if Kino is a Kapha or a Pitta. They should mention that in their Bio, for the Mrs. Kravitz-like people like yours truly.

7 thoughts on “Dosha?

    • I don’t mind being asked either, but I still am at a loss to find out if there is a shall we say etiquette to it. I can spot a Vata pretty easily but all other combos I guess mostly wrong.

  1. I think it’s kind of like asking what’s your sign in the yoga world:) Most people though,
    can’t tell you a thing about their dosha because yoga has been so diluted, not all the teachings are offered so hail to us classical yoga junkies. We want it all from asanas to mantras and sutras to gunas and doshas! Kino, I think is pitta.

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