Automatic, Bad

“The practice stays the same so you can change” wrote one facebook friend on her wall recently. Don’t you love that? Well today the practice was not the same because of a couple of normal detours which would only throw of routine junkies like myself.  I usually come in on Friday’s and start my sitting practice right away, but today a dear friend had just finished her practice and we had not seen each other in a bit so we chatted, then it took me awhile to figure out no led meditation and that another teacher was going to do led today. My Mrs. Kravitz tendencies were overhearing conversations that were not my business, and half way through LED, Led,  I skipped Mari B and C and went straight to D which caused the teacher to come and ask if I needed to leave early.  Where was my mind? thinking about how I had to talk myself into coming in though I was pretty sure that today was intro to 2nd  which it wasn’t, and how I am not fond of intro to 2nd, and what my friend told me earlier, and what I overheard earlier, that kind of practice. Happy rest day.

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