New In My Life

1. gluten free since 8/26 except for one educational outing to introduce my daughter to Fat Cat pizza on 9/16.

2. A bizarre addiction to Polar flavored seltzer water. I drink like 4 a day but they totally curb sugar carvings.

3. After being a vegetarian for 4+ years with a slide here an there, I am now pig obsessed. paying a fortune each time I indulge because it cannot be a pig whose farmer and butcher I do not know personally, same goes with eggs and chicken. This will not last, since a 2 lb chicken (more like a partridge or a dove) obtained this way cost $19 bucks. So far the pig parts have been a gift, which I doubt I can afford to mail order from the Northeast Kingdom of VT.

4. Maybe its the meat, but I am behaving like an aggressive male football fan during this election, both in person and on FB. Apologies to FB friendships with 5 more weeks to go.

5. Oh, good reads: A Hologram for the King-Dave Eggers, True Believers-Kurt Andersen, Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell. Do read Cloud Atlas before it gets cinematizised, even though it will be a Wachowzki film and in my eyes they can do no wrong.

6. And finally can someone point me towards putting self acceptance into action without having to pretend that I like anything about what is going on with me right now?

7. Okay the yoga is better than a couple of weeks ago, and the gluten free thing makes me feel more energized plus I’m sleeping better, BUT THAT’S IT!


3 thoughts on “New In My Life

  1. Oh oh…ahimsa out? Gluten free is great though. Makes me feel more flexible when I don’t eat gluten. There’s definitely something to it…less inflammation in my joints too. All us good when the yoga is good:)

    • Completely Carol, I am really so argumentative and reactive to what happens around me right now. Sort of regressive but I go through three steps forward then two steps back in asana all the time. Maybe the other limbs are like that too?

  2. Yeah I think so…and I think that’s life in general sometimes…3 steps forward, 2 steps back 🙂 I have become comfortable with it most of the time myself. As long as I get on my mat every day…I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I am rather rebellious otherwise…lol.

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