The Monday Workshop

I love Mondays because teacher runs a 90 minute workshop at 10:30 AM where she demonstrates and talks you through the 2nd part of primary after Navasana. She goes through modifications to full expression of the posture and it really is invaluable. Well today, she decided to go a little bit into intermediate in order to enhance our backbending, and address some obstacles caused by too much sitting & driving. Not thrilled, but I trust teacher. We did all sorts of Shalabhasanas, Dhanurasanas, Ushtrasanas, and Baby Kapos. Yes when it came time to do UD there was progress so yay. The very weird part was that in between every pause, specially in the Shalabasanas, I would have paid good money to be allowed to fall asleep right there. Not like relaxed tiny break, but like I cannot keep my eyes open! Really weird. I have always had the consolation that Ushtrasana was a very doable pose for me, but after many months of skipping 3rd Friday of the month intro to 2nd, I feel like tore every muscle in my front thighs. It is 2:30 PM, I was done around 11:45, and they are still burning. Tomorrow is gonna  be ugly.

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