3 thoughts on “Unaffordable

  1. i loved your comment!!!!..i keep reading about people feeling more hungry doing intermediate..but i am always famished already after practice, and i am no where near there..kurmasana and supta K are to blame perhaps? pardon me while i go find a snack…

  2. Suzanne, I have managed to remain wheat free for a few weeks, except for one time, and that has curbed my appetite. My physical appetite is enormous but it is dwarfed by my thoughts about food even when I’m full. So this is no small feat. I guess it’s good to still have some growing up to do, as long as you see bits of progress. I thankfully am a long way from truly worrying about LBH.

  3. glad that wheat free is working for you. i am wheat free..at home..and i truly try to limit the wheat otherwise, which seems to help my energy level more than my appetite. thoughts about food seem relatively innocuous compared to all sorts of crazy awful thoughts one could be having 🙂

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