Okay, day three with the front of my face and the back of my head on fire. The light that fills my multi windowed house makes me wear sunglasses indoors. Neti pot helps, advil helps, steamy eucalyptus baths help, but this should be gone by now. And no, no MD because I will be given another round of antibiotics and it is too soon after my August root canal adventure. Funny how when you resolve to stick to your healthy behavior commitments, you expect to become as close to immortal as possible. It is like expecting a reward for doing the sane thing instead of the stupid thing. So yes, even though I don’t eat sugar or wheat or drink wine, I have some nasty stuff in my nose/ear/throat labyrinth. But that is nothing compared to the nasty stuff inside my head. I thankfully do not post or tweet all the zingers I come up with after each debate I DON’T EVEN WATCH. How’s that for bat shit spoiling for a fight? I truly believe that yoga is a potent mood stabilizer. At day 3 without being able to do a forward bend without seeing stars, I am acting like a left wing Tucker Carlson.

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