Self Made Aspirations/Delusions

It is not only in politics that some dude decides that he does not owe anybody anything. It seems like some “athletic” yoga teachers are taking a page for the Tony Robbins handbook claiming that they invented a brand new way of demystifying old school hocus pocus into “modern” efficient technology. I guess that Lululemon dude had them correctly tagged as Atlas Shrugged cliff note groupies. Here is the Babarazzi explaining how this goes because I frankly don’t know how.

Is De-Culturing Yoga an Act of Good Faith or a Promotion of Xenophobic Ideology? /// A Light and Easy Subject.

5 thoughts on “Self Made Aspirations/Delusions

  1. It just struck me that some of the people who are de-culturing yoga might actually be sincerely promoting a xenophobic ideology, *and* doing so in good faith, because they really believe from the core of their being/heart that whitewashing yoga is the only way to bring it to some white people. And they think that’s a good thing, because yoga (at least, the whitewashed version) is supposed to be for everyone.

    Which brings up the question: Is it possible to be a sincere xenophobe/bigot/racist? Just thinking aloud…

  2. I agree with Babarazzi. And I don’t think it’s all about “de-culturing yoga” really. I think the more popular yoga gets, the more teachers there are that have some kind of atheistic sense about the practice. No one says you have to worship the deities or expand on Patanjali’s sutras in every class…but have a little respect for a timeless tradition that has a spiritual base. For many, that base comes from a spiritual lineage which originally meant something and in some way, still does for some Americans. But no lineage necessary now with all the diluted and trendy styles showing up everywhere. Notice Kimberly Fowler is okay with capitalizing on the very things she is against with the book cover. I think sometimes it is a certain personality in a teacher that makes them lean in the direction of removing all spirituality from their classes. Even in yoga, the skeletons in the closet come through to haunt. Did Fowler really get through alcoholic parents, cancer and a myriad of other low times in her life, without believing in something bigger than herself and professing that yoga saved her life? I have personal experience with one particular teacher who was clearly raised in religious environment that may have been difficult. Therefore the studio she owns is completely void of anything that might bring up issues for her on a daily basis. It is an aesthetically beautiful practice space but glaringly missing any type of altar, photos, any mention in any way of a connection to any special teachers from India or otherwise. The space feels cold most of the time. And accordingly, those attending classes there seem very comfortable never having to wear an ounce of their spirituality on the sleeves of their uber-expensive yoga clothing. I actually think she is a great teacher so I take a class every now and then. And I laugh every single time I hear the same exact two songs every time. She apparently feels chant master Krishna Das has something she can appreciate and he says it in Sanskrit. Amazingly, we chant three Oms at the start of class and three at the end. That’s it. No other Sanskrit in any way. Then there’s the center where the owner, who is not a yoga teacher, has a strict policy she enforces with those who teach there. No chanting, no chanting music of any kind, no incense, no om, no, no, no. Hmmm…okay. And finally there is the local fitness center that would rather not have a “real” yoga teacher working there. Much easier for them if the Zumba or spinning teacher, doubles as a yoga teacher. I often wonder what the fear or aversion is to being at ease with yoga being a healthy, healing practice for the mind, body and soul that is also based in a spiritual tradition.

  3. Wow, good point there- OM in caps to sell her product better. Abbreviation is so associated with efficacy and optimal results. If something is streamlined it must be so evidently better, right? whatever takes too much time or is slow in revealing itself must obviously drag you down or delay and derail your progress. I wonder when we will all realize that if you fast forward the entire movie you will not understand what happened.

    Oh, and granola, it creates an image: Burnt out tattooed new age lazy hippie. As opposed to power bar: Athletic former frat boy/sorority sister still in shape person. less words, more efficient.

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