Last Day

I will return to midtown in 2013, after the sidewalks clear. This is today’s plan:

Late Mysore practice around 9 AM followed by Plantar Fascilitis body work with some wrist placebo thrown in at 10:45. Return home and grab a train to Grand Central and buy my Miami tank tops for Kino’s work shop ($9.90 @ uniqlo) head to Hill Country BBQ to pick up my smoked turkey & fixings, and have a margarita while I wait for my ride back to the burbs and for my Mag & B to show up. We do things a little differently at Chez Long every year. We celebrate thanksgiving on Wednesday night, so B can pig out and Mag can have her favorite desserts. They spend the night and head over tho B’s folks to do it all again on Thursday, and that way neither set of parents misses out. I am inpatient with the Wednesday before thanksgiving transportation mayhem so I ‘m doing the pick up of food and kids today. We the parents either make the drive up to Maine while everybody eats or go to a relatives house and eat as little as possible. Will I be able to practice on Thursday morning? Why yes because this is one of the few times that what is on the menu is not my fave, Although those people at Hill Country really make me want to visit Texas.

2 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Happy T Day, what a nice plan! The CY and I are on our own this time due to defections. But we like it that way. I’m making a savory walnut pie, salad and rice pudding. And it will be home practice until Sunday but it will happen.

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