10 Hours

It does not feel like it during or after, but my jawbone up wrist gadget tells me that I have slept for 10 hours the last three days in a row. I do not for one minute feel like I have slept or rested for ten hours. Do I believe the machine or my story? I have been unable to wake up at 6:30 AM when the wrist gizmo starts vibrating so I turn it off and sleep SOUNDLY until 8 AM and it is my deepest sleep. In my head I’ve been tossing and turning all night but the “bar chart” says I only woke up twice. I dunno. So this of course means  it was a 10 AM led practice Wed & Thurs and a one hour 11 AM practice today which was delish because it turned into a private because only I showed up. The new teacher gave me the best Mari A adjustment I have ever received. I followed that with a bowl of french fries and a side of salad for lunch with my friend. I really ordered a Greek salad with a side of fries but the side of fries that came out was more than twice the size of the salad bowl!

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